About Us

About Us

Founded in 2005, Aztech Lubricants offers its customers over 125 years of cumulative expertise in wire drawing and wire lubricating formulation.   We are proud members of WAI and AWPA.

Aztech Lubricants provides quality products and innovative solutions to customers in the wire drawing industry for a variety of industries including:  wire drawing, galvanizing, wire forming, agricultural, tires, automotive, construction, etc.  We are fully committed to making a positive impact on the environment and use plant based and renewable sources when feasible.  Our product range includes an extensive line of wire drawing lubricants and supplies for wire drawing.   We specialize in the formulation and production of calcium, sodium and potassium stearate drawing powders, RP oils, ship out oils, drawing oils, and precoats (both enhanced borax and borax free). Additionally, we can provide our customers with products such as galvanizing wiping pads, UV coatings, and AZWipe spiral brushes, through established partnerships with the companies that specialize in these areas.  Our global presence consists of international manufacturing and distribution facilities in both Colombia and India. 

Situated in the heart of Wayne, Oklahoma is a 40,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility, which includes an in-house laboratory for QC and R&D.  We are customer focused and offer vast technical expertise in formulating customized products to best suit your specific application. The location of our production facility and warehouse provides convenient access to all modes of transportation for both domestic and international shipments. We maintain sufficient inventory levels at all times on our core products, thereby enabling us to ship most orders the same day or very next day. 

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29047 State Highway 59, Wayne, OK 73095

Email: Info@aztechlube.com
Phone: +1 (405) 310-0034
Fax: +1 (866) 251-0666

Director of Sales:
Jonathan Anderson
Email: JAnderson@aztechlube.com

Mobile: +1 (936) 718-2873

Director of Manufacturing / R&D:
Michael Colvin
Email: MColvin@aztechlube.com

Mobile: +1 (405) 819-0581